January 29, 2023

Download Behemoth battlefield MOD APK v3.6.4 [Test] for Android

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Name Behemoth battlefield
Category Strategy
Size 744.8MB
Popularity 6463
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 28/07/2021
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Mod Info:

Behemoth battlefield

Behemoth battlefield Game Introduction :

The mysterious island has discovered the traces of prehistoric giant beasts, and the forces of various countries send troops to explore. An unprecedented battle to compete for giant beasts and resources has opened the curtain of history!

[Set up a mysterious island to capture prehistoric behemoths]
You will lead your troops into this untapped mysterious island, build your own military base from 0, step by step, gradually expand, and explore unknown regions! The island is full of nests of prehistoric behemoths. King Kong and Tyrannosaurus rex are found in the mountains and forests. Long-necked dragons and prehistoric giant tortoises lurks in the water. There are even dragons in the distance clutching their prey and fluttering their wings. You will be able to personally Defeat, capture and tame them!

[Technology transforms the behemoth into a battlefield killer]
The discovery of the giant beast has promoted the leap of biological transformation technology, and countless scientific institutions and personnel have devoted themselves to the transformation and strengthening of the giant beast! You will be able to genetically modify the monsters through a variety of modern technological means and transform them into more powerful battlefield killers! Create all kinds of alloy armors, arm the giant beast to every tooth, and even let the giant beast carry a super firepower weapon to become a mobile war fortress!

[The Behemoth Army Strikes Modern Warfare Escalation]
When the human army is combined with the behemoth of science and technology, a brand-new war mode that breaks through imagination will be unlocked! All kinds of melee, long-range, and armored behemoths are at your disposal. Tyrannosaurus rex with powerful breakthrough ability, velociraptor with rapid assault, giant tortoise moving, long-range suppressed long-necked long-necked dragon, and dozens of human units Freely match, invest in different behemoths and troops for different battlefield situations, plan tactics, and control the enemy first!

[Fighting forces from all sides, replaying the law of the jungle]
On this small island, there are not only fierce prehistoric behemoths, but also countless precious resources. The forces of all parties gather, and whoever can occupy more resources can develop rapidly and annex other forces! Resources are the right to speak, every inch of land must be contended! On this small island, the most primitive law of the jungle will be staged, the survival of the fittest, and the winner is king! We hope you can join!

Behemoth battlefield Game screenshot :

Behemoth battlefield(Test) Game screenshot  1

Behemoth battlefield(Test) Game screenshot  2

Behemoth battlefield(Test) Game screenshot  3

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