January 29, 2023

Download Angry Birds 2 MOD APK v2.56.0 [Unlimited strength] for Android

Free extremely fast and safe download Angry Birds 2 v2.56.0 mod apk, you can also support the original version, use the Google package name (com.rovio.baba) to search and download on Google Play.

Name Angry Birds 2
Category Puzzle
Size 196.4MB
Popularity 6043
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Score 6.0
Publish Date 14/08/2021
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Mod Info:

Angry Birds 2 Lots of diamonds and black pearls
Unlimited physical strength

Angry Birds 2 Game Introduction :

Angry Birds 2 Mod Apk is a popular classic level break casual puzzle game, the game has more than 3000 levels with different scenes; in the game, the bird\’s body is used as a weapon, and the slingshot is used to eject the bird to form a powerful Cannonballs destroy the fort in front, each bird has its own unique skills;

When attacking the target, the slingshot can adjust the angle and strength to find the best time and release it. Here I want to remind all players to master the strength, angle, and skill release in order to hit the target more easily and pass quickly. Every time the bird is ejected, the ejection trajectory will be left, which has a very important reference value for the next ejection. In the game, try to achieve accurate hits without wasting every bird. The fewer birds you use, the higher the game score will be.

Angry Birds 2 Mod Apk Birds faction introduction:

1.Red (weak attack, can send an air wave attack forward in the air, suitable for attacking ice and wood, weak attacking stone. Red is the first bird in the game. He is the protagonist of this series and has appeared in almost every game so far. in a level)

2.Blues (weak attack, can be turned into 3. Strong against ice, weak against wood and stone. Jay, Jack and Jem are triplets, they can split into 3 birds. They have good against ice very destructive)

3.Chuck (special effect is acceleration, weak attack before use, medium attack after use. Strong attack on wood, weak attack on ice and stone. Dart Huang is a canary, he can seriously damage wood, and can run very well quick)

4.Matilda (you can place a \”fried egg\” down, and at the same time the white princess is bounced off. The impact force is weak, the \”fried egg\” has medium explosive force and medium air waves, suitable for attacking all materials, directly using the body to attack planks and ice .)

5. Sliever (skill is to spin down and quickly dive down and generate huge air waves. It is suitable for attacking all materials. The attack is weak before the skill is used, and the attack is medium after use. Xuanwuyin is a gray falcon that can violently attack Hit the ground. She does a lot of damage to the boss)

6.Bomb (It will explode, with strong impact, strong explosion, and medium air waves. It is suitable for attacking stones.)

7. Terence (no special effects, strong attack power, elastic when hitting the ground, medium damage when hitting objects after bouncing up.)

8. Stella (wraps herself in a bubble, then wraps anything she touches in a bubble, makes them float, and then lets them fall causing serious damage. But bubbles have a limited buoyancy , making it difficult to float the stone. If the player hits the bottom of the building with her, she might not even be able to float the block.)

9.Hal (needs to fly far enough to use his ability, he will spin back like a pullback. When spinning backwards, Greg gets huge power and destroys more stones. Glitch\’s destruction The force depends on how long he\’s \”idling\” (collision interval in a whirling state), if he\’s been \”idling\” for more than 1 second before impact, he\’s almost indestructible. Plus, the long-billed green has a slightly longer base range than other birds.)

10. Bubbles (Can push away a lot of obstacles and enemies by inflating into a giant balloon, but doing little damage. Bubbles will then burst on their own, dealing minor damage instead of shrinking.)

Birds 1-6 need a yellow key to unlock, and birds 7-10 need a gray key to unlock. Only 1 of the last 4 birds can be used at a time in each round

In Angry Birds 2 Mod Apk, you can use unlimited diamonds, unlimited use of black pearls, and unlimited physical strength, allowing you to easily get a high score and pass; such as the Angry Birds 2 Mod Apk, the recently popular Fishdom Mod Apk The game is also very similar to him, and there are great innovations in the gameplay, which is worth recommending to everyone to experience.

Angry Birds 2 Game screenshot :

Angry Birds 2(Unlimited strength) Game screenshot  1

Angry Birds 2(Unlimited strength) Game screenshot  2

Angry Birds 2(Unlimited strength) Game screenshot  3

Angry Birds 2(Unlimited strength) Game screenshot  4

Angry Birds 2(Unlimited strength) Game screenshot  5

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