January 29, 2023

Download Kata Era MOD APK v0.16.8 [beta] for Android

Free extremely fast and safe download Kata Era v0.16.8 mod apk, you can also support the original version, use the Google package name () to search and download on Google Play.

Name Kata Era
Category Action
Size 813.7MB
Popularity 6647
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 22/10/2021
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Mod Info:

Kata Era beta

Kata Era Game Introduction :

A new planet, a new chapter for mankind!
Facing the complete extinction of strange planets, how will mankind deal with it?
When the huge wormhole transported countless humans to Kita, they found themselves in a lush, broad and vibrant paradise like the earth. However, the cruel manhel conquerors on the planet welcomed them with slaughter and destruction.
As the commander of human forces, your task is to explore the planet, form an alliance with your allies, and then counter manhel by conquering cities and building new outposts. Once the fog is cleared and the way forward has been revealed, hold high the banner of mankind and liberate Kita from the tyranny of manhel!
Explore the mysterious planet
Kita is an unknown land. You will be the one who draws it. When your reconnaissance UAV explores this vast new planet, it finds dangerous enemies and new opportunities.
A huge dynamic world
All players and enemies share a huge, seamless world map. Dynamic weather, day and night riding, real-time light and shadow and diversified geographical environment create a vivid world for you to experience.
Real time combat
Fight in real time on the world map. Use the responsive RTS control to join or leave the battle at any time. Unrestricted military movement allows you to freely adjust, move and dispatch your troops, giving you comprehensive strategic control.
Recruit tomorrow\’s Heroes
Recruit, upgrade and equip more than 100 science fiction heroes. 60000 polygonal character models and high-quality animation bring your hero to life.
Real strategy game
An influential stone scissors cloth unit system means that your tactical decisions are more important than paying to win strategy games. With a fully customizable army of up to 15 heroes, it is the smartest commander, not the commander who pays the most, and they will stand out.
Build strong alliances
The alliance and trade union system have created a more friendly and cooperative community to fight together for the future of Kita. Form or join an alliance to explore the planet with your allies and launch an epic rally attack on the city of manhel as you strive to establish a global Federation.

Kata Era Game screenshot :

Kata Era(beta) Game screenshot  1

Kata Era(beta) Game screenshot  2

Kata Era(beta) Game screenshot  3

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