January 31, 2023

Download Tianlong Babu mobile phone version MOD APK v1.16.0.0 [TW] for Android

Free extremely fast and safe download Tianlong Babu mobile phone version v1.16.0.0 mod apk, you can also support the original version, use the Google package name (com.gameone.tlbb) to search and download on Google Play.

Name Tianlong Babu mobile phone version
Category Role Playing
Size 1.8GB
Popularity 1565
Score 6.0
Publish Date 12/01/2022
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Mod Info:

Tianlong Babu mobile phone version

Tianlong Babu mobile phone version Game Introduction :

The brand new expansion piece \”Xiyue Huashan\” is now in the world! The situation of martial arts has changed, and the new martial art \”Huashan\” sincerely invites fellow martial artists to return to \”Tianlong Ba Bu Mobile Version\” to witness Mr. Jin Yong\’s huge martial arts worldview, a real world! Today\’s new server \”Swallow Wu\” is on the stage simultaneously, and you can compete with Duan Yu, Qiao Feng, and Xu Zhu to join forces with each other, and you will be happy and enmity!

Facebook page: https://fb.com/NTLBBHK/

[Thousands of miles, Tianlong, Qianzhang Huashan]

The new custom-made martial art \”Huashan\” entered the world, upholding loyalty and determination, the new server \”Swallow Wharf\” will be launched simultaneously!

【Dazzling Summer Night Garden】
The night view of Jiangnan Water Town is picturesque. Make lanterns, tune water to express emotions, ride a boat together, and get a glimpse of the moonlight.

[Artifact Breakthrough Kunpeng Mythical Beast]
The waves of the rivers and lakes are resurrected, and the martial arts hermits feel the fortune of the world and polish them for more than three years. Finally, they see the artifacts come to life, the wind and thunder and the shadows are moving, and the power of Kunpeng will also stir the rivers and lakes. The martial arts heroes are all gearing up to reunify the arena!

[Life skills to create magic weapons]
By collecting and mining, planting silkworms, life players can also experience the world and reap the prosperity of the world; or hand-craft exclusive top-quality equipment to help Shaoxia immediately become famous.

[Innocent interaction to welcome the hot summer]
Brand-new personality mounts, gorgeous and beautiful new fashions, the arena is more colorful. Marriage floats parade in the street, hall banquets and other special gameplay, let you indulge in martial arts, and welcome the rivers and lakes with the Italians!

Tianlong Babu mobile phone version Game screenshot :