February 5, 2023

Download Power Browser: Fast & Cleaner MOD APK v96.0.2016123430 [] for Android

Free extremely fast and safe download Power Browser: Fast & Cleaner v96.0.2016123430 mod apk, you can also support the original version, use the Google package name () to search and download on Google Play.

Name Power Browser: Fast & Cleaner
Category Communication
Size 166.7MB
Popularity 3062
Publisher Adblock – Rocketshield Browser Technology Limited
Score 6.0
Publish Date 16/05/2022
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Mod Info:

Power Browser: Fast & Cleaner

Power Browser: Fast & Cleaner Game Introduction :

What can Power Browser do?

?Power Browser combines the functions of browser and cleaner. Provides features like delete duplicate photos, large videos, merge duplicate contacts. Clean your device with just one touch.Power browser can speed up the loading speed of any web page by cleaning up the storage of the phone, cleaning up junk, etc. Power Browser improves the performance of Web browsers, and prevents advertisements that are infected with malware.

?Delete similar photos and videos
In today’s world, where huge amounts of data are constantly circulating, you often want to get rid of unnecessary pictures that have piled up on your phone. This is when Power Browser comes to your rescue! With our app, you can search and delete screenshots, similar pictures, Live Photos, burst photos, and videos.
?Browse Fast
By releasing phone storage and then speeding up browsing, no more frozen pages. Enjoy the smoothest Internet surfing. Get search suggestions in the search bar and quickly access the sites you visit most. Type in your search question and get suggested and previously searched results across your favorite search engines.
?Help you save your battery life
Besides cleaning up your device, Power Browser also takes care of your battery. Check out our Battery section to read tips on how to make your iPhone’s charge last longer or choose a cool charging animation. You can also add a handy widget to your Home Screen that will let you check your battery level and charging status at a glance.
?Protect privacy
Power Browser excels not only at deleting and organizing, but also at creating a safe space in which to keep private information. Stash photos and contacts in your secret spaces. Rest assured, your privacy is carefully protected with our app.
?Adblocker for all website ads
Block annoying video ads, banner ads and pop-ups, reduce data consumption, and speed up your experience with the Browser best-in-class ad blocking technology. Power Browser automatically blocks annoying and disruptive ads like pop-ups, video ads, banner ads, and ads disguised as content. Occasionally, you may see some ads that aren’t disruptive. These ads help support great content creators. You can choose to block these ads, too, by turning off the Acceptable Ads feature in settings.

But don’t think that this is all Power Browser is capable of. Our app is a real gem for any active smartphone user, amateur and professional alike.
☆ Fast: Best web browser for optimized internet speed.
☆ Cleaner: Free up space and boost your phone with the master cleaner browser.
☆ Free: Your free internet browser for Android.

More Features:
✔︎ Clean up your device in a few taps with a Smart Cleaning feature
✔︎ Rapid page load time
✔︎ Quick response time
✔︎ Tabbed internet browsing
✔︎ Protection against malware
✔︎ Optimized for low battery consumption
✔︎ Incognito Browsing – browse without saving any browser history
✔︎ Bookmarks and top sites
✔︎ History (outside Incognito Mode)
✔︎ Full-screen mode
✔︎ Quick search feature
✔︎ Smart Downloading
A browser needs to support many use cases such as uploading of picture and videos to Facebook or YouTube, downloading files from the internet, using websites that need to understand your current location such as Google Maps, etc. Therefore, we require several permissions. You can find detailed information for what we need those permissions in our FAQ: https://powerbrowserapp.com/faq.html
Our app uses Accessibility service to enable vision impaired people to open websites from other browsers in vision impaired mode if activated by the user. To activate this feature, please activate vision impaired mode in the app.

Power Browser: Fast & Cleaner Game screenshot :

Power Browser: Fast & Cleaner Game screenshot  1

Power Browser: Fast & Cleaner Game screenshot  2

Power Browser: Fast & Cleaner Game screenshot  3

Power Browser: Fast & Cleaner Game screenshot  4

Power Browser: Fast & Cleaner Game screenshot  5

Power Browser: Fast & Cleaner Game screenshot  6

Power Browser: Fast & Cleaner Game screenshot  7

Power Browser: Fast & Cleaner Game screenshot  8

Power Browser: Fast & Cleaner Game screenshot  9

Power Browser: Fast & Cleaner Game screenshot  10

Power Browser: Fast & Cleaner Game screenshot  11

Power Browser: Fast & Cleaner Game screenshot  12

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