January 31, 2023

Download Inspyre App by SmartMonitor MOD APK v4.35 [] for Android

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Name Inspyre App by SmartMonitor
Category Health & Fitness
Size 57.3MB
Popularity 5374
Publisher SmartMonitor
Score 6.0
Publish Date 22/05/2022
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Mod Info:

Inspyre App by SmartMonitor

Inspyre App by SmartMonitor Game Introduction :

Inspyre® will not function without an activation code and the proper credentials – please visit https://smart-monitor.com/order-now/ to activate your account and start using the Inspyre.

\”The SmartWatch Seizure Alert App saved me again yesterday by alerting my wife to my seizures.. you guys are life savers, thank you!\” – Stuart C.

Inspyre™ by SmartMonitor is a patented, intelligent motion-detecting and alerting app. The Inspyre pairs with Apple or Samsung watches to detect abnormal motion patterns that are akin to convulsive seizures. When the app detects seizure-like motions, it instantly alerts caregivers via text message and call alerts, ensuring that the user gets help on time. Additionally, the app gathers comprehensive data from events (date, time, duration, intensity, audio, and parameters in graphical form) which can then be shared with doctors/neurologists to aid in providing better care.

Inspyre also features a ‘summon help’ emergency button, GPS location in the text message alerts, medication reminders, heart rate recording and symptom reporting functionalities. The motion alert app allows for motion sensitivity alterations, allowing the user to adjust the sensitivity and duration of movement they would like the Inspyre to detect and alert upon, which can minimize false alarms during the day time and pick up on slighter abnormal motions during periods of sleep. It provides caregivers with peace of mind and allows the user to take back their independence.

Inspyre by SmartMonitor Features:

• Detects Abnormal Motion

• Instantly Alerts Caregivers and Loved Ones

• Summons Help at the Press of a Button

• Securely Access Event Data

• GPS-Enabled Location Sharing

• Medication Reminders & Notifications

• Heart Rate Data Collection

• Symptom Reporting



“Smart Monitor’s Inspyre is a valuable tool for families of patients who have epileptic seizures,” said Dr. Robert S. Fisher MD, Professor of Neurology at Stanford. “It can provide timely alerting, reassurance, and increased safety.”

Dr. Sanjaya Kumar MD, Chief Medical Officer, added, “Smart Monitor’s technology platform and connected coordinated care solutions are changing the landscape for management of complex chronic conditions with real-time access to data and insights that were never available before. This has been demonstrated to reduce the use of high cost healthcare services and may result in longer periods of remission and control, thereby decreasing the overall cost burden.”


\”The SmartWatch has helped improve safety for many people over the years. By detecting when seizures with repeated movements occur, a person can get help sooner,\” said epilepsy.com Editor-in-Chief Dr. Joseph I Sirven. \”The new advances in SmartWatch Inspyre using Apple Watch will make this technology more accessible to many more people with epilepsy.\”

Connect with us:

Web – http://www.smart-monitor.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/smartmonitor

Twitter – @1Smartwatch

Instagram – @smart-monitor

Support – Submit a support ticket at Inspyre™ Support, email Smart Monitor at [email protected], or call us at USA Toll Free: 1 (888) 334-5045/International: 1 (408) 754-1695

Inspyre App by SmartMonitor Game screenshot :

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