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Sprite Substratum Theme v1.213 Patched Latest

Sprite Substratum Theme

Sprite and Substratum together with the AWESOME developers and Themes inside the system have helped me get pretty far as of now in a fast time, I feel it’s prepared to share!

Incorporates :

  • FULL CLEAR MODE “Make your own topic alongside your backdrop!”
  • Blue-green “Sprite” and Red “CodeRed” embellishment’s yet more at that point basically emphasizes
  • 50+ Apps presented almost 60 “Note a couple of applications can’t go clean like dialer and Contacts”
  • 13+ Wallpapers to sound the subject
  • Textual style Package “Naughty”
  • Bootanimation “Made by the method for Mark Bencze”
  • Subject Ready applications Needed… as a base until further notice… It will depictions yet you will see white foundations in a couple of areas.
  • Swell rebuilding in settings “This is for those slam simply need that swell, it’s going to furthermore demonstrate a card write bg on clean.
  • Wifi and Signal choices without outlines “Circle Solid, Circle Lines, Arc Solid and Arc Lines”
  • Battery without body and custom charger pointer
  • Custom NavKeys
  • A lot of diligent work and looking


Sprite works like it have to! Once empowered YOU MUST REBOOT! My topic has an assortment of mods that take are the boot to sketches effectively!Code Red is an auxiliary topic, however, will totally topic the majority of the introduced applications…

how it functions :

  • establishment Sprite first,
  • rehearse Sprite,
  • Introduce CodeRed
  • Apply CodeRed
  • Go to Overlay List inside the Substratum application viewpoint menu
  • Select all the DUPLICATE Sprite passages with Code Redone Sun checked
  • Debilitate Selected Overlays
  • Once finished YOU MUST REBOOT!
  • Make a profile to store it… on refreshes with new applications you may make another profile at that point erase the old.


  • N AOSP, Oreo eight.0/8.1 AOSP, Pixel/Nexus Stock Oreo eight.Zero/8.1, Samsung/OxygenOs 8.xeroxed
  • AOD
  • Netflix
  • Sammy Camera
  • Chrome
  • GooglePlus
  • GBoard
  • Swiftkey
  • Sammy Calculator
  • Google Calendar
  • Sammy Maintenance
  • Play Services
  • Gmail
  • Sammy Keyboard
  • YouTube
  • Google App
  • Sammy SMS
  • Sammy Calendar
  • WhatsApp
  • More I overlooked

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