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Guitar Tutor Pro – Learn Songs [v39] Freddy King Paid Latest

Guitar Tutor Pro:


Tune in and playback. Begin with a couple of notes at that point increment.

Riffs cover all kinds.

Learn Scales

A reference to appearance up any scale in any key.

Practice by methods for play and rehash.

Change the area.

Scales Game

Test your comprehension of scales.

Pick a level, or figure out which scales to be analyzed on.

Perceive how you’re advancing throughout the years.

Solo Jam

Select the scale or mode in which you want to solo in. This will feature all the correct notes in the chose key at the entire fretboard. At that point stick to it by a method for meaning to play from the featured keys. You’ll be astonished how reasonable you’ll sound just by hitting among the best possible notes! Play to a tick on and select outstanding percussion as sponsorship.

Play to a supporting tune.


Harmony Songs

Take after the embraced harmonies to play the tunes.

Switch amongst open and bar harmonies and analyze the harmonies on the fretboard.

Learn Chords

A reference to look into any harmony in any key.

Change from open or sixth String, fifth String, fourth String

Strum the harmonies.

Harmony Jam

Realize which harmonies cross pleasantly with each other for any key and furnish you with your own one of a kind harmony designs.



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