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CloudPlayer by doubleTwist Platinum [v1.5.5] Cracked Latest

In this app, you can control everything like as music and double twist revolutionary music player, no matter where it is you stored.You can your it for many purposes like as music player or one drive, link your dropbox-and good drive create a
cloud box for overall your good music.You can download videos songs, music forms your cloud box accounts to offline at any time.You can enjoy airplay or broadcast, high lossless music ten type of band and much more.

Cloudbox player Appearance:


  • Fractious things design [ul].
  • Huge power resolution of an artist & your album pictures.
  • Progressive snorting types of albums-genres & composers-artist & much more.
  • Auto Up-Down screen resolution selection.

Choice Music of Sound:

  • Here in few steps ten band speakers or equalizer with seventeen install or {preamp}.
  • Good support to oog-wav-aac-mp3 & much more tools…
  • Power of sound music.change your own music or sound with you headset-bias boosting & more effects in an app.
  • Support for good lossless apps or files formats like as alac or flac in this app.

Box of cloud music to dropbox – drive & google drive etc.

  • OFF point just off for filter to outbox cloud music & just show commonly stored music play.
  • Most beneficial or useful whenever you do not want to use your good data in the app.

[Cast] for wireless headsets or speakers android:

  • Good player support to chromecast.
  • And here the cast of music type from your good cell phone or your box or drive.
  • Here also support to airplay wireless speakers, android or apple tv, and much more. other devices or Android

Other in the app:

  • Most of the good feature is that scrobble for the last film.
  • Powerful but very small & biggest widgets.

And much more to Coming soon:

  • Good support of chromecast for music or sound at google drive.
  • In the cloud, box option is available to uploading good music to the device.
  • Now is an option is avail to crossfade or gapless music back in the app.

The initial step of app cloud box or cloud player is free of cost & now you can start it for seven days free of cost trial

that give you free cloud box appearance.Good music cloud support-airplay-or equalizer.And most important if you like appearance
please update & should help future improvement from Austin – Texas team.




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